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SiSM :: 2006-2008 :Honda Civic Custom Short Ram Cold Air Intake 

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Currently: **No Longer Available**
Product Description:

If you want to increase your vehicles performance, sharpen it's engine bay's look, get better gas mileage per gallon, and have a deeper tone at WOT - You're at the right place. Our 2006-2008 Honda Civic Short Ram Cold Air Intakes (SRCAI) are not a force to be reckoned with. The intakes are not made only for look, performance was kept in mind, as well as improved fuel efficiency. There is a video link at the top of the page of the sound of the intake.

This Intake consists of: Fujita High Flow Filter/A'PEXi High Flow Filter + Flange, High Heat Coupler, Heatshield, High Flow MAF Housing, Intake Mount, and a larger Intake tube.

Members Only!
Save hundreds over other companies!

Sedan/Coupe: DX, LX, EX, EX-L
With Fujita Filter:               
$175.00 Shipped
With A'PEXi Filter:              $210.00 Shipped
Only High Flow MAF Housing:   $65.00 Shipped

Sedan/Coupe: Si, CSX
With Fujita Filter:
                $185.00 Shipped
With A'PEXi
Filter:               $220.00 Shipped
Only High Flow MAF Housing:    $65.00 Shipped

Current item is for Members only! You must contact Si Speed 317 on through Private Messaging for authorization for purchase. Any questions/comments, contact us or speak to Si Speed 317 directly on


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